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Ingles Cards

Since CMSC  is a not-for-profit organization, Ingles sells CMSC Gift Cards in bulk for 95% of face value. That 5% discount is passed on to you to offset your CMSC fees. It used to be colored paper certificates; similar to the certificates used as currency by the military – hence the name “SCRIP.” So, call them “scrip” or “gift cards”, it doesn’t matter so long as you take advantage of the program. CMSC primarily purchases cards with face value of $50 & $100. All orders must be taken in increments of $50 & $100
The secret to making the program work is twofold: 1) Make sure you use a gift card anytime you go to Ingles – including purchases of gas, postage stamps, and prescriptions. 2) Buy more scrip than you use, and sell the cards at face value to any and all of your friends and relatives. It doesn’t cost them anything extra and they get to support your child in the process – because five percent of the card value is credited to YOUR account. Some of our CMSC families may be able to pay for ALL of their fees by using – and selling – Ingles gift cards. The program is coordinated and run by volunteers to CMSC. Please be considerate of their time and efforts. The 5% discount from Ingles is passed on entirety to you. The volunteers only receive a heartfelt thank you from CMSC.  If you feel like you would like to participate in this program, please contact your team manager or Nathan Trout at [email protected]