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What is Challenge soccer?

Challenge is a competitive level of soccer where player expectations and development are raised beyond recreational soccer. Challenge is not “win at all cost.” Challenge is a player development level. Challenge soccer is a higher level of competition as compared to recreation soccer and requires dedication from the players and parents. Our challenge program focuses on growth and development of our players and teams. This level of play starts at U10 and carries through U14. CMSC challenge coaches hold the appropriate level North Carolina Youth Soccer Association license for the age bracket they are coaching. Challenge soccer will develop the player’s technical skills, tactical knowledge and incorporate teamwork strategies.

​What’s the difference between Challenge and recreational soccer?

Unlike recreation, where all registered players are assigned to a team, Challenge teams are created through a tryout process with a strict maximum roster. Players are selected based on their soccer skills, work ethic, and focus. Challenge players should have a willingness and desire to improve their soccer skills.

Seasons and Training:

CMSC is a member of the Western North Carolina Challenge League (WNCCL). Challenge-level teams play both a Fall and Spring season. U14 Girls only play in the fall and U14 Boys only play in the spring. If selected to a team, the player is expected to play both seasons. Each season lasts around 8 weeks with most games scheduled on the weekends. Teams play 8 games per season, meaning there are usually that many “game” weekends. A team may also choose to attend any number of tournaments during its season, usually within the state of North Carolina.

Players are required to attend a minimum of two 90-minute team training sessions a week and are encouraged to attend any additional weekly skills sessions if offered. Players will be offered the chance to attend a team camp prior to the opening of their season, as well as any winter and/or summer training opportunities as well. These additional training opportunities are optional. There is no guaranteed amount of playing time at the Challenge level.